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Swiss CDC Ultra Select XL

169 kr

Swiss CDC Ultra Select XL är precis vad det låter som. Utvalda och stora CDC-fjädrar för större flugor, oavsett om det är torrflugor eller kanske havsöringsflugor som många gärna använder dessa fjädrar till.

Swiss CDC Ultra Select XL feathers are extra long and they are suitable for tying insect imitations and big trout and salmon dry flies. Breeding duck yields only 2 or 3 particularly long CDC feathers in the winter which makes this product a real rarity for fly tyers. 

Swiss CDC's products have high quality and all CDC feathers are always taken from winter feathers when ducks breed less and the appearance of the feathers is considerably better. CDC (Cul de Canard) feathers are collected from around duck's oil gland and that's why they have natural oil protection which protects feathers from soaking up. It is important to use only floatants which are suitable for CDC feathers.

Package size is about 1 gram (80-90 feathers). Feather length is about 4,5-8 cm.