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Peacock Quills

69 kr

Peacock Quills gör otroligt snygga kroppar på torrflugor och nymfer.

This body material is used to create fantastic natural segmentation of flies tied on hooks from 12-22 – dries, nymphs, spiders and buzzers.

The quill comes from peacock eyes and is hand stripped, which eliminates the problems of cracking as when bleached or chemically stripped.

Using finest natural pigments we dye them in16 different colours – the most useful range that will be appreciated by any fly tier:

Natural; Olive; Golden Olive; Orange; Yellow; Red; Pink; Brown; Crimson; Ginger, Fluo Yellow, Green, Soft Pink, Forest Green, Turquoise and Blue.

Packs contain a minimum of 25 quills, which should produce at least 25 flies.  

When tying on smaller hooks, each quill can make up to three flies.

We know that there is no better solution for creating segmented bodies of flies. 

Please note that the colours will differ between displays. 

Also, because of natural variation in the raw feathers, the final colours may not be identical between batches, though we try to keep them very close.