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Fine Black Barred Marabou

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Fine Black Barred Marabou är en tunnare typ av Marabou som ger mycket liv till dina fluga. dessa fjädrar är betydligt mindre än vanlig marabou, så dom passar bättre till mindre flugor, streamers, kustflugor och även nymfer.

Fine Black Barred Marabou Feathers are dyed and have fine bars that create natural look for your flies. You can tie marabou on the hook shank in many different ways. Use it as a tail, wing or wind around the hook shank as hackle. Multitude of different applications: use for salmon, sea trout, shrimp and many other fly patterns.

10 feathers per package. Feather length approx. 8 - 12 cm and barb length approx. 3-6 cm.