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Ultra Wire - Medium

39 kr

Ultra Wire används som ribbing eller kroppar på bland annat nymfer, streamers.

UTC Ultra Wire is the best fly tying wire for many fly-tiers. Ultra Wire is a non-tarnishing copper wire that is great for many kinds of usage like ribbing for nymphs and other wet flies. The copper wire will add some weight or flash to your flies.

You can even make the whole fly from Ultra Wire only. These kind of simple flies can be very effective. Try also mix two different colours or insert Ultra Wire inside clear Larva Lace and twist to make nice segmented body.

Ultra Wire is a non-tarnishing wire, the colors will last long and remain rich and vibrant long after tying.

Diameters (ca.):

  • X-Small: 0,10 mm
  • Small: 0,16 mm
  • Brassie: 0,22 mm
  • Medium 0,32 mm